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Weekly Giveaway: Vegan Lunch Box by Jennifer McCann! Winner is Courth!

This week we're giving away a copy of Vegan Lunch Box (, a book filled with so many wonderful recipes and beautiful photos, it will surely make going back to school less painful. It's packed with 130 amazing animal-free lunches that kids and grown-ups will love! I have this book and even though I work from home most days, you better believe that I purchased an adorable bento box to pack my homemade masterpieces into. You really, really want this book, trust me.

All you have to do is let us know what the best or worst lunch you ever ate at school was for a chance to win!

Contest ends on Tuesday, September 15th at midnight, PST! Winner will be chosen at random!!

hey no fair - I wanted this much more than courth!!

Joke - congrats to you.  Let us know how awesome (or not) this book is as I really want to buy it.


congratulations :)


I got it today! The book I was sent is actually Vegan Lunch Box Around the World, though. Looking through it, I'm excited to make some lunches.



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