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AJ on obsessed tonight.

Does nayone else watch "obsessed"? Its a show about people with OCD who undergo exposure therapy to learn to be able to live life. Tonight there is a woman on named AJ. She is obsessed with intrusive thoughts on animal abuse. Its really sad. My hear t really goes out to her because the EXTREME sadness and pain she feels for these animals is exactly how I feel when i think of animal abuse. I litterally cry when things come up on the TV about it. It just hurts so to know there is not enough we can possibly do to stop ALL the animal abuse in the world. The thing is, I can turn off those thoughts when i need to. I can "switch to another channel" so I feel for her. It would be so hard to feel that all the time.

PS...she is wearing a "vegan" sweater. yay!  I hope she is able to find a balance to be happy and still care about animals. And I'm pretty positive they wont make her participate in any abuse (like eating a dead cow or something) shes ina pound right now...

EDITED to add. I'm sobbing at this animal shelter scene.

AC, P, and I are watching this right now!  I don't really know what to say about it, but I'm curious about how it will end.


I am watching this right now! now all by myself, (and I am lonely)  I don't really know what to say about it, but I'm curious about how it will end.

oh....I liked the end! I find volunteering helps me not feel so helpless too!


Yeah, hers ended really well!  I was happy she was able to retire Sparky.

(The other girl.....not so much........)


Hi There,

  This is Chef AJ.  Thanks for saying nice stuff about my episode.  I guess cause your veg people you understand. You wouldn't believe all the hatred out there on other sites.  Just google "aj obsessed" and you'll se what I mean.  That's how I found this cool site.  Anyway, yes, I am a vegan.  I work as a vegan/raw food chef and culinary instructor in Los Angeles and I have been vegan for 32 years.

Thanks again and take care,


Wow AJ, Im so happy you stopped in to say hello! I hope that you will not feel too down about the hurtful things being said on the web. Some people just do not understand. I have OCD too, by the way (it is now controlled by medication.) One of the things I used to get obtrusive thoughts about was  images of ME hurting and mutilating animals (and people- not like if I was mad at them and fantasizing, just any time..);  with therapy and the meds I was able to get passed that although it did not effect my life to the degree to which you seem to have been affected. Im so greatful to not have to deal with that anymore although I am still learning to cope with other areas. I hope that you will find continued healing for your OCD as well, you were so brave to undergo exposeure therapy and to allow it to be documented like that  ;)b

Hows Sparkey doing? Feel free to hang out here from time to time- it sounds like you wont need to ask a lot of questions about "is whey vegan?"  ::) but this is a pretty fun, accepting and friendly community of people.


Thanks!  I'm not sure how to use this forum.  Do you get notified if there's a response or do you need to just check?  One of the hardest things for me has been that everyone thinks if you're vegan you'll have no medical problems.  while it's true I am never physically sick, going vegan in 1977 did nothing to help my mental health issues (although I'm sure if I ate flour and sugar, etc. it would make it far worse).  May I ask what meds helped you?



In order to subscribe to a thread, you have to click the "notify" button on the top or bottom of the thread (you have to open the thread to do this and its in the shaded boarder of the thread itself.) its near the "mark as read," "send to" buttons below the links to "chit chat" "forum" "vegfriends" Et Al.

I'm on Cymbalta to control my obsessions/compulsions. The doseage to be effective for controlling OCD is higher than what is required for solely combating depression, so even if one has used cymbalta for say, depression, but not noticed an effect on OCD symptoms its possible that a higher dose maybe helpful to see a difference. I also take a low dose of syroquil (sp?) to manage the anxiety associated with my disorders. We finally have my med working for me for the most part and its really making a HUGE difference. I was hesitant to try medication therapy for many reasons, but I'm glad I did as it was really a lifesaver for me.

My current battle is with an eating disorder and I know that my OCD plays a huge role in that, but there are so many other factors that its impossible to control with meds its really an ongoing thing, treating mental health issues. But well worth it.

I also feel stigmatized sometimes because of the seeming clash between my diet and  lifestyle choices and my illnesses. but i try not to let that get int eh way of me seeking the help I need. And I did find that when i gave up milk, my mindself was SO MUCH less depressed. Even now if i accidentally get dairy in somewhere, I totally feel it in my mood-even before the physical side effects. So, although its not necessarily ad CURE being vegan, at least my diet isn't a huge part of the problem....(okay well, in the case of and eating disorder it obviously is the problem, but i mean the veganism itself is contributing more towards overall mental health than clarify.)


I also feel stigmatized sometimes because of the seeming clash between my diet and  lifestyle choices and my illnesses. but i try not to let that get in the  way of me seeking the help I need.

Good for you!!!  I waited far too long to even try meds, and after 46 years of suffering I found a naturopathic doctor who said "I make my living getting people off these medications but in your case they will be life saving".  That was July 19, 2006 when I went on 10mg of Lexapro.  I am very, very slowly trying to go off it knowing that if my symptoms recur I will go back on.  Believe it or not, the CBT has taught me to manage the panic attacks without meds.  I read a bunch of really cruel stuff about my episode on the A & E webiste and had a panic attack.  Didn't take any meds, just went through it.  (My CBT therpaist always says :the only way out is through!").  Anyway, I work for a vegan doctor now and I go to a different vegan doc who is not as judgementlal about meds.  So many vegans and vegan doctors believe that ALL MENTAL ILLNESS CAN BE CURED BY DIET ALONE!!!  But I defiinitely think it helps, especially giving up the processed foods - like sugar, flour and oil and eating lots of raw frutis and veggies, especially greens.  Thanks for sharing.

Chef AJ


AJ, I just sat and watched your episode last night.  I was very impressed by your strength and will to make progress.  Keep up the great work.  You are a fighter!

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