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Animal Cruelty and your state

This morning a coworker and I were talking about 3 animal cruelty cases that made the news last night.  Some of these crimes are considered a felony here in texas.  A man beat his dog to death in front of a Wal-mart.  This man is now facing felony charges, rightfully so.  Just thought everyone would like to see the following web page.  It tells of each states laws regarding animal cruelty.

I am glad that these cases are getting coverage.  Although a small step, it will help people open their eyes to the horrors of animal cruelty.

weird, I was just wondering about this two secconds before reading your post.  I just got back from the hospital and in the parking lot was a dog locked in a car... barking it's head off, tongue hanging so far out of it's mouth... someone called security, I had to get back to work.  I really hope this person gets at least a fine of some sort.  I'd take her dog away if it were up to me.  (I assume it's a girl based on the contents in the car)  I don't know if this in considered cruelty though, I'd say it's pretty cruel since it's 80 degrees out, imagine how hot it is inside the car!


Thanks for posting that dallaskarma.  I was surprised to see that there are still 7 states that do not have felony charges for animal cruelty.  We can only hope that is changed in the near future.


I wish you hadn't posted that link  :'(  I spent an hour this morning reading police reports and getting progressively angry and upset. 

It's a good site, and I'm glad they're out there, but I'm very sad now.


I'm sorry.  It makes me sad too.  :'


I am so relieved to see my state (Michigan) is a felony state! I know in my area (Ann Arbor) there is a lot of work being put into no tolerence on animal abuse, but I'm sure farther north it's not like that...I actually haven't heard of an animal abuse case in this area in awhile, I hope that means there not happening not just being unreported...

Thanks for the link DK!

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