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Another Great Indian Cooking Resource!!

I found another great recipe resource while wandering the web in search of ways to modify a certain Indian recipe.
This blogger:
has what he calls "One Page Cookbooks" that are easy and delicious. He teaches you the techniques and basic "dress pattern" and also how to modify it to serve your needs and what you have on hand. On the blog itself he has what he calls "Twecipes", but if you follow this link
you will find 1001 South Indian Curries, for free. It's a good resource that I just had to share with my VW friends. His explanations are clear and simple and he gives you the tools you need to fly solo.

I'll also note that is great! Videos for every recipe, and a large portion of clearly labeled vegan recipes!


Thanks for this, Amy!! As the weather gets colder, Indian food figures larger in my menus. It's also a good way to get my hubby to at least eat the few veggies he will even try. This blog looks good!!


My main two "cuisines"?  are Japanese And Indian.  (and chocolate)

Thanks for all these links! :)


I hate to self promote, which is really 1 GREAT feature of my many wonder traits ;), but there is a vegan version of "Tikka" Masala on vegweb that I believe was the only vegan version of it on vegweb, and possibly on the entire web. I searched and searched and could not find one. Anyway, if you try it, I make it without the can of tomato soup now, doing the entire sauce from scratch, which only takes some tomato paste, water, and a few more minutes. Also, I do it with tofu instead of sweet potatoes, both of which have merits. Perhaps someone will be the lucky winner (of absolutely nothing but self-satisfaction) by being the first vegwebber to review a recipe of mine.....

Would love to hear what Indian food lovers like yall think, even if you do not officially write a review. I adored cruel versions of tikka masala at good restaurants back in the day, but have gotten to where I can make it vegan and get it pretty close to awesome restaurant quality. An Indian friend borrowed this recipe from me just a few weeks ago to showcase to her family how vegan food can be. She said it was very good but a little "sweet." Of course they were all Indian and thus have curry in their blood.

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