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Attention Walmart Shoppers.....Fake organic produce on sale in aisle 3!

For those of you (like me) that live out in the sticks and have to sometimes get some of your organic supplies from Wally World (Walmart) here's one for you:

BTW- huffpost is one of my favorite "dubya" bashing can find me bashing under same as here (davedrum)

Davedrum--you need to run for president!  You're so helpful, watchful and toughtful.  You have my vote!!


It's true: Dave, you impress me every day with your unflagging dedication and vigilance, and also, maybe more importantly, with your good humor and understanding.  I can see why you frequent the huffpost-- so does my husband and he enjoys it a lot.


Thanks guys!

President? Me?!
I think the Talibangelicals would rake me over the coals. First, they would probably hire the "Swift Tour Bus Musicians For Truth" . A bunch of ex-touring musicians (that have quit the life to play only for the talibangelicals) that will say they were on different tours with me during the 90's and run advertisements about back stage, tour bus, and hotel drug induced, orgies (which BTW never happen in real life). They'll also say that I never showed up to gigs, slept late, and post doctored pictures of me eating at McDonald's  :D.

Plus what would I do with all the dogs? I don't think Anya, my dog sitter/vet tech could stay at my house for 4 years......(though I'm sure I could do a better job then Dubya).

As usual......just being a wiseas*! ;)


Oh, I dunno Dave, the Prez always has the "official state dog"...4 might make a statement!  ;D Maybe we could finally get abandoned pets on the national agenda...Decent legislation! Dare we hope???
Sorry, been on line too long...


You have my vote too! Thanks for the heads up, though I can't say it surprises me. I live out in the boonies too but am lucky enough that my local Kroger stocks a good enough selection to get me through to my monthly stock up run to whole foods. Just wondering have you talked to your local grocer about items you would like to see on the shelves? Mine is pretty receptive, worth a try at least.

And for any one who has not seen it yet check out Walmart the HighCost of Low Prices . I give it five stars way up!


I have a Kroger near me as well, and it's where I do the majority of my shopping. Walmart does have some of the same organic items for literally half the price of Kroger and Whole Foods. It's a real personal tug of war within me of: saving money vs. boycotting walmart. I only buy stuff like Newman's Own Organics and other brands I know. I never buy produce there.


Personally, I choose to boycott  Walmart. Sure, I might save a few cents here and there, but I just refuse to spend a dime there. I even have my 5 year old trained to hate it.  :o
I am so glad they got "caught"-hopefully they will lose some organic shoppers who will go back to supporting their local health food stores (if available). 

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