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Books about Veg*nism and the Environment

A friend of mine is suddenly interested in vegetarianism largely based on environmental issues. What books can I recommend that stick to the topic of the environment? Most of what I have read include environmental issues, but also talk about animal suffering and health effects. He really hates animals (I know, weird), so I don't want a book to turn him off to the idea completely. He's not big into health issues either. Any suggestions?

"Diet for a new America" by John Robbins includes all three aspects of veganism but it is nicely (and very clearly) divided into 3 parts.  The envirnoment part is part 3 and it could be read and still make perfect sense if you don't read the first 2 parts.

I also watched the "Eating" DVD and am reading the book that goes along with it (The RAVE diet) that focuses on health and envirnoment.  The last 15 minutes of the DVD are about animal cruelity and it warns you before it starts.  Hope this helps, I don't know of any books that just focus on the envirnoment aspect.


I second DeuceO's suggestion about just directing your friend to specific chapters of things.  I'd suggest The Food Revolution, which is newer and thus more current than Diet For A New America, enabling it to deal with stuff like GMO's that didn't exist when Diet came out.  I think Food Rev is very convincing on the environment issue. 


You Don't have to be a Tree-Hugger to be a Vegan  touches on all of the big reasons (health, environment, animals) but is completely void of sanctimonious preaching.  It's really funny and genuine (even if you are a Tree-hugger)


i just read a book, i think it was called "the omnivore's dilemma." which almost completely talks about the environmental issues... (to be honest, i didn't get the way through yet... but i highly doubt they're hiding a gruesome pig murdering section in the back of the book)

it's actually really interesting because it compares, in "real" cost, the impact of four different meals, omni and vegan (local/natural and processed/imported). it's good reading for those vegans who tend to sit down in front of a plate of fake meat, canned veggies and processed sauce.

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