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Dairy obnoxiousness

OK, this is such total bullsh*t! (Pardon the cow pun!) This article really annoyed me... maybe I should have put it in 'What Grinds Your Gears' instead, but anyway... the gist is that people are consuming less dairy, so dairy farmers are slaughtering tons of cows to try to keep milk prices up (don't let anyone tell ya that the meat & dairy industries are separate entities!); also, there's talk of SUBSIDIZING dairy further (we already subsidize the corn for feeding them!) with public money, since there's not enough demand to ensure that the poor little dairy farmers can maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

MAN, my species pisses me off sometimes! Where do I go to apply for a transfer, please?

I know, I get really pissed off about tax money going to the meat and dairy industry, too :|

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