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Dogs slaughtered, SPCA undecided whether to push for charges

I was disturbed to read in the paper this morning about 33 dogs shot on a rural property.
Basically neighbour A had a fox terrier, who was found mauled to death. He blamed neighbour B, who lives in a truck and has 39 dogs.  Neighbour A got a friend, two guns, and went and shot every one of neighbour B's dogs he could find, some as young as 3 weeks old.

And the SPCA is investigating whether the animals were killed humanely, or if charges should be laid.
SPCA executive director Bob Kerridge said two investigators had visited the property and would determine whether the dogs suffered before they died. A decision would then be made on whether to charge the gunmen.


What is humane about going onto your neighbour's property and gunning down over 30 animals?
Why is there even a question as to the SPCA pushing for charges to be laid?

But also, why did this guy have nearly 40 dogs?  He doesn't even have a house, so how was he looking after them?

It's a sad, messed up, horrible situation.

I sent the following:


I was appalled to read this article:

Even more shocking was this statement:  "The SPCA is investigating whether the animals were killed humanely, or if charges should be laid."

In what world is it considered humane to gun down innocent dogs?  This is clearly a case of angry neighbors, who instead of contacting the proper authorities (if there was indeed a problem) took matters into their own hands. 

Rest assured that I will be asking everyone I know to send you a letter if they believe charges should be laid on the gunmen.  These men should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Lauren Goodell


thanks Lauren!  it really disturbed me that not only had these dogs been needlessly killed, the very society set up to stand up against cruelty couldn't even decide whether that was a cruel act! 
Whether the prosecution goes through/what the outcome is are police/law enforcement issues, but I would really like to think that the SPCA would be standing strong in support of prosecution... fingers crossed some common sense and decency sinks in for those inspectors...


That is seriously ridiculous. I'm going to send them an e-mail also.

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