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Dunkin' donuts-encourage them to add vegan products!

I submitted a letter today. I would kill for a vegan Dunkin' Donut, but that wouldn't be very vegan of me.

plus, the people who shop at starbucks would be more likely to go vegan, i think!


I got emails for this, too. I'm gonna get some shit for this, maybe, but I don't get the campaign at all. Why should Dunkin Donuts make vegan donuts? I mean it would be awesome if everywhere had vegan stuff, but Dunkin Donuts seems like a weird place to target. Are they an industry leader or something? Like, if they go vegan, other places will have to, too?

haha i thought the same thing when i saw that the website was called dunkin cruelty.  HUNDREDS of food establishments serve animal products, its not like dunking donuts is being especially cruel, they're just like all of the other restaurants.  anyways.  i wrote a letter about how much i love their coffee (because it's surprisingly good) and that i wish i could have donuts with my coffee.  but boo hoo i cant.  i also said that we have vegan donuts at whole foods in austin and everytime i go, they seem to FLY out of the cabinet.  the more vegan donuts, the merrier.

But isn't that like saying that "so many companies exploit animals, so why bother trying to fight any of them."? Of course Dunkin isn't the only company to do so...and they probably aren't the worst. But that doesn't mean an effort shouldn't be made to bring these matters to their attention....and maybe the letters will go across the right person's desk! Imagine how many animals would be spared if one huge company like Dunkin decided to stop using eggs and milk. Even if no other company followed would have a huge impact on the animal industry.

i just dont understand why DD was chosen.  i think its great that someone wants to get vegan options there.  but why did they choose dunkin donuts and not applebees or ihop or perkins. 

i agree with kmk!  starbucks would certainly be more likely to serve vegan food.  they're already going in the green/organic direction.  and i think they have soy milk.  that would be pretty sweet to get a vegan pastry or even vegan sweet bread like zucchini bread at starbucks. 

(at least when I last worked there, 8/2008) Starbucks has some vegan pastries (well, more like "baked goods"): the plain bagel, cinnamon raisin bagel, multigrain (or 8 grain) roll, and the blueberry oatbars. (this may vary by region, so use to check)

eta: the starbucks in my current area (I've moved since working there) has butter-containing blueberry oatbars, at least. Probably due to that ban on trans fats... (on the other hand, the one I worked at used unhydrogenated palm/canola oil, so whatever).
I think it might be a hard sell for a company trying to be "green," actually, because of the palm oil issue. I don't know of a good (cheapish) vegan butter substitute without palm oil. Coconut oil maybe?


when I was a  vegeterian, I use to go get coffee at DD all the time, and all the time I would get sick after drinking it :-\ stupid me, the cream in the coffee was making me sick, I don't go there anymore,they don't have soy creamer..I've asked them hundreds of times telling them Starbucks has it, how hard can it be to have a soy creamer in their fridge >:( anyway, I've sent emails and talked to a district manager....nothing, I'll stick to starbucks


Ugh, vegan donuts at Dunkin's would be AWFUL.  They'd use all artificial ingredients and hydrogenated oils, even if they weren't animal-derived.  This is a major corporation, and we should be happy we are not ingesting their nasty stuff.

If you want a vegan sugar fix, pick up a Ritter Sport bar of marzipan w/dark chocolate or go to a health food store, where they'll be sure to have something.

I think this thread instead should be boycotting Dunkin's, not encouraging them to grow!  They are as bad as any other fast food - KFC, McDonald's, etc.


Could it be that some Dunkins are already vegan?

Why the heck do products need something that MIGHT be made from duck feathers?

Here is there ingredient list. All the donuts DO have milk and egg. That other website is totally wishful thinking. Oh, how I'd love a strawberry frosted one. mmmmmmmmm....



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