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feminism and AR

I just watched "Meet your Meat" because I want to show it to my intro to feminisms students. My school uses an undergraduate "teaching collective" to teach the class, I am just the graduate mentor/instructor of record. They have one day on enviromental issues and NO readings on ARs. I'm not really shocked, seeing how I really think feminism needs to step up to the AR plate and deal with it.

I was wondering if anyone had any good books/articals/websites connecting feminism and animal rights. I found some stuff googling around, but thought maybe someone might have something. For example, has some great info. I would like to find something short (~5 pages) that I could copy and supliment their reader with. Any thoughts?

OOH, it's been a while...

I remember something titled "The Politics of Meat" and a poster from some meat convention that has a coy-ly posed naked woman in a cowboy hat marked with the butchering divisions used on cows.  Have you come across that one? 


Carol J Adams is seem by many as the authority on feminism and animal rights. She is an activist and author. You can find lots of resources on her website:


sweet, thanks! i have seen that book (i think it's called the politics of meat). the website is new to me, it didn't come up in my search. thanks! i'm working on putting a course on the sociology of food together for maybe next spring. should be fun if they let me do it.


my friend actually had a copy of the pornography of meat by c. adams. HOT DAMN! while some of it isn't anything i didn't know, she does a great job really hitting combined oppressions. wowsers, i will make my students read this if i get my food course.

she also has a great talk about PETA's campain using naked female celebs to promote veg*nism and how they use exploit women for the sake of animals.  :o very, very nice hunk of overbaked tofu to chew on...

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