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finally, a politician who makes sense

Mike Gravel

as someone who normally is fed up with the political system of the US, this guy speaks to me on alot of topics. Never thought Id be saying that about anyone from either of the 2 main parties (registered green party voter)

Wow.  That's the first time I've heard of him.  I have never heard a politcal candidate speak so candidly.  That he got on the stage at all fractionally restores my jaded faith in the system.


he has alot of good clips on

im definatly on board and trying to keep my normal negative view about american politcs aside (for the time being anyways)


His standpoint on issues:

Some other issues:
For gay rights
For legalizing marijuana (legalization/regulation of all drugs)
Does not object against stem cell research
Opposes death penalty
Against torture
Supports right to bear arms (but feels license/training should be required to purchase gun)
Etc., etc.

Looks like he has a very positive background as well.
Apart from the guns issue, he sounds like a very logical, ethical politician (huh?!).
Which means he'll never get elected.  ;D
He's obviously very passionate about what he believes in any case.
Where was he six years ago? Hiding out, same as all the other democrats?!
It's easy to speak out now.
Sorry for the negativity. I can't help myself.  ::)

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