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Gives a whole new meaning to Food Not Bombs...

They could just chuck pita chips back and forth, and beat their swords into...forks, I guess.

I wish I was there to help eat it all... The falafel war sounds like it's going to be EPIC! underSARAH and I could go over and help them eat up after that battle. It would be awesome! ;)


Oooh, yummy... attack me, attack me!!


If Hummus be the food of love, fight on... :)>>>
I'm trying to make some sort of joke about "I'd falafel you" (I'd fall for you) but it's not working.


I've said it once and I'll say it again " hummus is the vegan life force". I think every vegan should get the slogan on a tshirt. mmmmm... warm falaffel wrapped in hummus wrapped in warm pita bread with oil....damn I wish I had falafel to go with my hummus and pita.

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