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Great Response to NY Times Op Ed by a non-vegan

I know this topic has been beaten to death already. I was searching for a recipe this morning and it lead me to this response to Nina Planck's Op Ed from the NY Times (how...I don't know...but it did). It's by a non vegan, but I thought it was so well written that I just wanted to share it with you. The writer just pokes holes in all her statements and theories. It was the best letter I have seen to date on the issue.

Thanks for sharing.  Far more articulate than my response.  :o


Oh that was excellent! I am glad to see someone get it straight and poke holes in a very flimsy article.  Planck never really talked about breast being best.

Umm besides which, many of us vegan sorts are apt to use fortified rice cereal for our kids, I sure did, and most moms in America do (though I know it is not vegan).

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