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Harpo employees consuming vegan for a week

The Feb. 1 Oprah Winfrey show contained a one-week challenge. Called the "Oprah Vegan Challenge," it was an enormous effort. For one week, Oprah ate entirely vegan -- no animal goods. All 378 staff members at Harpo productions did the same. Oprah herself is not vegan or vegetarian. Instead, she is using the Vegan Challenge as a way to endorse "conscious eating.” You don't need a payday cash advance to cut out meat for a while.

The Oprah vegan Challenge includes 379 vegans participating

The whole Harpo Productions staff went vegan for a week before the February 1 episode of the Oprah Winfrey talk show aired. All animal merchandise was cut out by 379 people who included Oprah. It is kind of like the “vegan cleanse” Oprah Winfrey did in 2008. It was reported that the Vegan Challenge was extremely difficult to do. Nevertheless, the majority of the staff made it.

Exactly what the Vegan Challenge means people can be doing

Oprah’s staff stopped using animal merchandise for a week as part of the Vegan Challenge. While definitions vary from person to person, "vegan" is generally understood to mean a person eats nothing that comes from an animal. Meat of every form is out. Milk and dairy merchandise are out. Eggs are out, as is honey and other things that is the product of an animal. The Oprah Vegan Challenge didn't address another facet of the vegan lifestyle -- cutting leather, silk and other animal-derived products out of wardrobes and everyday life.

What the environment faces with the Oprah Vegan Challenge

Several of the guests on the Vegan Challenge episode of Oprah discussed the ecological impact of "eating lower on the food chain.". Meat and animal merchandise inherently leave more of an effect on the environment since the animals must be fed and cared for, and they are often addressed with antibiotics. Many environmental advocates suggest "weekday vegetarianism" or "meatless Mondays" as ways to cut down on environmental impact without entirely changing one's lifestyle. More people will consider what they eat based on the Oprah Winfrey Vegan Challenge, although the 379 Harpo individuals have not turned.

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