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Justice in Louisiana refuses to marry mixed race couples

How lame is this? My favorite is the quote about how he lets his black friends use his bathroom, so he can't be racist.


wow that's pretty ancient to still think like that... bizarre


In California, they were talking about if gay marriage was legal they'd pass a law allowing government officials not to have to perform marriages that were outside of their moral beliefs.  I wondered, if that happened, how long it would take for an official to refuse to perform an interracial marriage under that protection.

The current social conservative platform celebrates bigots.  Glenn Beck will probably fashion Bardwell into a hero for the everyday man.


There are no limits to love.. My question is how long will it take for people to acknowledge and understand that..?


This judge's views are yet another example of deciding what to think first, and then bending the world to fit those preconceived notions... my sweet biracial son is 17 and has a GPA of 3.96, with 12 hours of college credit by the time he graduates high school, & is a happy well-adjusted kid; we just elected a biracial president, for f***'s sake! It's just willful, deliberate ignorance for ANYONE to try to make the case that kids with a mixed racial heritage can't thrive in this country... and regardless, it's NOT up to an individual judge whether ANYONE getting married is 'a good idea' or not... we are a country of law, not one ruled by the whims of individual court officials. This judge's decision greatly exceeded the scope of his legal authority, for reasons that he should be too embarrassed to voice.

For an officer of the court to try to legally enforce his racist views is not only appalling, but dangerous to our society. In my opinion, he absolutely can not be allowed to keep his position as agent of the court... It is OBVIOUS that there's nothing BUT illegal racism at work here, and we can not afford to tolerate that within our legal system.

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