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Katie Couric/ CBS story: Antibiotics in Agriculture

Anyone catch this 2-part story? It aired 2/9 & 2/10... find links at

Haven't seen all the 2nd part, as computer overheats easily w/ video (grrr!!), but seems like some high-profile/ mainstream attention to at least one particular problem with the way industrial animal ag does business...

Glad to see people (even non veggie types!) thinkin' about this, & going, 'Hey, this might be a problem or somethin'!

(duh, right?!!)

I saw one part of it.  I thought it was pretty well done, I guess.  I don't know, I just got the whole "michael pollan anti-factory farm but eat local organic meat" vibe.  You could totally tell that pork board lady didn't believe a word she was saying though...that most farms use anti-biotics "responsibly."  She was lying through her teeth.


I saw this on I hope people actually caring about what they shovel into their face becomes a growing trend... I think it is catching on a bit... Especially with all the press our lifestyle (in general) has had lately... Food Inc., Eating Animals, etc.


... I don't know, I just got the whole "michael pollan anti-factory farm but eat local organic meat" vibe...

I understand frustration with this... but imo the more people think about what they are eating, the better -- even if they don't come to my same conclusions, it still seems better than the ignorance/ apathy with which most Americans approach food choices, at present!

And for many, I think this kind of 'ethical meat' movement could be a first step, right? Some people need a gradual progression, from a standard American diet to veggie ways... idk, it just seems to me like (for those who AREN'T yet considering herbivorous habits), the whole 'eat less meat/ treat slaughter animal less cruelly while they're alive/ don't create environmental & disease disasters in the process' approach is a step in the right direction... ANYTHING is better than the CAFO-driven system we've got now, imo!

Also, I love when mainstream media covers this stuff: it's much harder, I think, for Average Joe Carnivore to blow off info from CBS news than from 'those crazy vegetarian groups'... 

(Though we're right!)


I think you might need a new computer  ::)


Agreed!!! Um... donations? anyone? anyone? (sigh!)

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