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KCRW Good Food, vegan baby, NINA P. Grrr!!

Does anyone listen to KCRW's Good Food program? It's a SoCal radio station so maybe not. Anyway, it's about food in general (not vegan but Jennifer McCann was on once!) I listen to the podcasts at night as I fall asleep sometimes cuz even if they are talking about bacon hot dogs and it's gross I just roll my eyes... but the host's voice is very quiet and calm and soothing.
BUT last week she interviewed Nina the stupid OpEd NYtimes "babies can't be vegan" woman.
I stayed up-to-date on that fact that this issue existed with that woman who is in jail and stuff but I tried not to read to much about it because it just pisses me off so bad...
I'm just annoyed that she ends up on my going to sleep calm show.
I feel like boycotting the show and writing them a letter but I can't do that unless I listen and see what was said but that'll just make me irate...
I'm extra mad because the episode also has a "Hummus Bar" review and I thought that was cool. :(

I can get KCRW programs on my NPR stations (I have several I stream) from time to time.

With Nina Thick-as-a-Planck, it just blows my mind that anyone so wholly ill-informed, reactionary and "by God I am right because I wrote a book" can spread her lies so far and wide, garnering so much attention for herself with so few facts to back her up...can get on the radio!!!!!


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