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Maria Daines, singer for animals

Anyone familiar with her and her music?  I came across her online a year or two ago somehow.  I did a search on VegWeb and didn't find anything on Maria Daines so I wanted to provide a link to her band's site.  She sings about all kinds of animal issues from slaughterhouses to labs to fur to animal abuse, etc.  She is a professional singer (and a vegetarian) who loves animals and lives in the UK. 

She and her band sing 'regular' songs, too, but here is a link to a page on their site with songs about various animal issues and the story behind each one, along with the words to the songs.  I was just reading the MySpace page about the story of "Justice for Regina" and thought I'd post about Maria's music before I forget to do so.  Regina is a dog that was at an animal rescue shelter in Spain and was just starting to recover from her timidness around people and learning to trust them when vandals broke into the shelter, sexually abused her, tortured her, and killed her. 

On the home page, there are 58 songs you can listen to, also. 

This link is for the page on Animal Rights and Welfare songs and the stories behind them:

You can listen to, download and/or buy her music on their site, if you're interested.  I think she's great! ;)b

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