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Monsanto banning GM foods from their cafeterias...

... does anyone else find this one of the most ass-backward, laugh-out-loud hypocrisies ever???

Come on now, this company has been THE creator, pusher and defender of the genetically modified food items we are inundated with now-a-days; yet they won't serve their own "super foods" to their employees because of employee concern about the effects of GM foods on their health... it makes you wonder what else we (the general consumer) don't know about these "super foods".

And don't get me started on the irreparable damage done to small farmers across the globe by Monsanto in the name of their GM corn, soy, wheat, etc....

I am so peeved about this!!!

... *sigh*... I feel a little bit better having vented, this has been stewing since yesterday when I read about it.

I can't even post..... since I'm so mad and laughing so hard at the same time.  ::)


Al Pacino said it best: Irony is hypocrisy with style!!
In their case, dramatic irony bites like a rabid monkey!!




Avesha, do you have a link to where you read this?  I'd love to read the article...


Ungreen, check out the latest issue of "Ode" Magazine.

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