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My 7 day vegan trial

Hi folks,

While I'm not actually vegan, I have a new respect for vegans and vegetarians after trialing it for 7 days.

I wanted to share this with you all anyway. Hope you get a kick out of it and it creates some discussion. I tried to be as neutral as possible and while my wife was supportive she wasn't keen on joining me!

While I feel the same as before, I did noticed my skin cleared up a lot after about 4 or 5 days - and after doing a bit of research I've got a new level of respect for why vegans and vegetarians do what they do.

If nothing else, I hope the video offers a point of discussion!


thanks for playin!

might be better served on an omni board though...


You can't really learn much after only 7 days...


yeah, you certainly can't tell much after 7 days.

i commend you for doing it on your anniversary and during a potluck, though, i don't think that's something most would do. it's certainly something that gets easier and easier over time as you learn more. looking back onto what i ate my first couple of years as a vegan is crazy to think about! It also gets easier and easier to eat out as a vegan.

in terms of diary, there are a few reasons people avoid it. I will make the assumption that these are truly "happy cows"... 1.) the milk isn't there for us, it's for baby cows. would we like it if someone decided to "milk" us, wean our infants early or never have them breastfeed, pump hormones and artificially impregnate us? 2.) not healthy 3.) it takes a lot of food fuel to keep those animals, which we could just eat directly (generally they are on grains) and get more fuel than from milk--sustainability.

also, just a tip about the coffee cream... do you usually use any type of flavor for it, or just plain cream? if plain cream, I'd try to find a mock-cream product at the grocery, but if you like flavor, I'd do a thick nut milk (like using hazelnuts to make your own cream if you like hazelnut flavor) and add your own flavor.

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