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my favorite sport, dog fighting

And the dog fight continues......

At this very moment, I don't even have the emotional strength to write anymore on this subject.... :'(

I know that the vote on the bill to make dog fighting illegal (finally) in this backwards state of Georgia is coming up soon. Most believe it will pass this time.....I have my fingers crossed...

This makes me sick.  I just don't know what else to say about it.  Awful.  :'(


Jack and Sarbai tore each other's mouths with the first bites. Blood flowed, staining the dogs' faces and flanks.

>:( And people ENJOY this?!?!?!?!


Have I mentioned that I don't like many people?  Dog fights are huge in Canada and the US too.  Lots of pit bulls.  How do they often train these dogs?  Throwing little dogs and kittens in with them (sometimes your stolen pet).  Years ago, my friend had his gentle sweet pit bull stolen.  He was terrified that a group had stolen him for fighting.  Make me totally sick!


Have I mentioned that I don't like many people?

Yes you have. And I tend to agree!

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