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Dita Von Teese is PETA's newest pet
The burlesque queen appears in a provocative ad promoting the spaying and neutering of pets and adoption of shelter animals.
By Rene Lynch
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

September 24, 2007

A new ad features burlesque queen Dita Von Teese as the teacher of every schoolboy's dreams: She's cinched in by a powder-pink corset, wearing stilettos and fishnet stockings -- and well aware of the effect she's having on the apt pupil sitting at her feet.

Yep, that's right, PETA is at it again.

Fresh off a campaign that made the media sit up last week and take notice when it unveiled a new public service announcement featuring a nude Alicia Silverstone, the animal-rights group is holding a noon press conference Sept. 24 (Monday) at PETA's Los Angeles office to pull back the curtain on the new ad featuring Von Teese as she teaches her ABCs -- which stands for Animal Birth Control.

The ad quotes Von Teese as saying: "Nearly 4 million dogs and cats are put to death in the U.S. every year because there are not enough good homes. You can help prevent this -- always spay or neuter your animals, and if you're considering adding a dog or cat to your family, please adopt from your local animal shelter."

PETA has perfected the art of using celebrity -- and racy or offbeat images -- to deliver animal-rights messages that might otherwise be rebuffed. Among the A-list stars and bold-faced names it has partnered up with over the years: Oscar winners Forest Whitaker, Charlize Theron and Kim Basinger; Pamela Anderson; Paul McCartney; the Go-Go's; supermodel Christy Turlington; former NBA rebel Dennis Rodman; "The Sopranos'" Edie Falco; and Alyssa Milano. Last week, Silverstone's ad was deemed too much for Houston, where it was blocked from cable TV.

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