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Nice to see the FDA protecting Animals and People

I thought the main "purpose" of the FDA was to regulate the safety of our food and drug supply!? Well, when the food comes in from abroad, that does not seem to be the

It's sad that all the workers in China knew that melamine was being added to certain foods to boost the protein content on test results, but that our own government regulators did not. I find it even sadder and get more annoyed that a reporter from the NY Times can go to China, get all the facts, write this article to tell us the truth, while the FDA does nothing but continue to stall regarding the facts of this case.

On another related note.....I get many emails from Animal Rescue people I know and read something distubing this morning.....One of the products that has been "contaminated" with melamine is rice protein concentrate. One of the dog and cat food brands effected by this was listing the ingredient in their products as "rice flour".....It's bad enough that "most" companies put garbage in their pet food, but to purposely mislabel an ingredient shows me that they only got caught on this one item. What other ingredients are put on the label as one thing, yet may really be something else?

That's why I feed my dogs and cats premium food, but now that some of those are effected, I do try to stay much more informed. Good Luck all pet parents out there!

Ugh Dave don't even get me started..I've been following this crap since the whole Menu foods fiasco and it just pisses me off to no end.  I've been following for recalls and stuff.

Yknow Dave, I thought feeding a premium I'd be safe too, but a few weeks ago Natural Bal got recalled, I loaded 3 bags, 16 cans and 2 bags of treats into my truck  and took them back to the store. The cashier said to me "some of these haven't been recalled" I said I dont care, if one kind is contaminated the rest are going to be too. Well wouldn't you know it 2 weeks later more canned items are recalled.

This whole food thing has me sick. Now the farm animals are sick too.


Again, I say, why are we surprised.
China thinks nothing of running down it's own people or beating to death 10,000+ pet dogs in the open streets, why would they care about what goes into food being shipped overseas?
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"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

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