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NPR article- 'Dairy Pollution Sparks Manure Wars' (ew!)

I just thought I'd share this article, for 'pass it on' purposes... seems like there have been more articles in the general press lately about the (numerous!) problems with factory farming; or maybe I'm just noticing them more, idk.

Anyway, here it is...

Glad I'm not a consumer-- these guys suck!

I think that there really have been more articles lately. With the fallout of the recent scandals, people seem to be more sensitive to animal cruelty, and the press is probably publishing things that would normally pass under the radar. I had a long time friend come up to me yesterday and ask me to teach her how to replace meat in her diet after seeing all the numerous stories running around in the press. I am guessing she is not the only one trying to consume less or give meat up altogether.

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