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OMG- Awesome CNN story about healthiness of plant-based diet!

I am posting prematurely-- video not available for sharing yet-- but this is so cool! Just walked in halfway through Wolf Blitzer talking to a couple of MDs about the healthiness of a plant-based diet, in the context of Bill Clinton's recent dietary changes to control heart disease... from what I saw, it was very positive & well done, with an emphasis on not waiting till you have heart disease or diabetes to explore this healthy way of eating, & on how good you feel/ how people generally have more energy/ can enjoy life more, etc... anyone else see this? it was exciting! there WAS split opinion on fish oil, among the docs interviewed, but generally a very sane look at some of the medically significant reasons to be a planteater...

I'll share it when it's up on their site... feel free to beat me to it!  ;)

It makes me happy when this is given serious/ positive attention by mainstream media sources... goooooooo, herbivore team! woohoo!!

Here we go:

The title is loopy-- seems like they coulda done better there-- but still: cool!

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