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Protest Houston Rodeo

The Society of Peace Activist Network held a protest in Houston this evening protesting the Houston annual rodeo.  There is unbelievable cruelty to animals that takes place in these rodeos.

In Houston tonight was a truck called the Tiger Truck.  Mounted on the truck is 4 giant video screens exposing the cruelty to animals by rodeo participants and the people that provide stock for use in the rodeos.

What is interesting about all of this is the fact that it goes hand in hand with all the area Vegan groups.  One of the organizers of the protest is a group called Go Vegan Texas!

More info:

Don't look at the videos if you are faint at heart - it's so sad and ugly.


Yeah, this link didn't work for me either.  Please post a correction when you have it, I would like to read about it.


I did some googling and found this link:

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