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reading Diet for new America

So I started reading diet or  new America a while ago but got too busy with work. So I took it on the flight with me and read loads...And I got two hour we were all sitting around- waiting...and I was reading and I really tried not to be all freakish,...but I could not control the tears STREAMING down my face...and I know everybody was thinking...why the hell is that poor emaciated kid reading a dieting book and crying???? EMBARASSING!!!! I cant decide if I like the book or not. i hate it when a scientific or semi scientific includes opinion statements or uses leading phrases so that the reader assumes something that has not been proven and may not be factual....but I like it all the same....

What should I read next? I was think about that china study one...whats that called?

Eh. I accidentally ate 9 onces of trailmix and now I feel sick. :-X I was just eating and thing I know....GONE...ehhhh. I'm gonna try to go to the PETA headquarters tomorrow...(not that that has anything to do with trail mix or DFANA)

i dont have any reccomendations on what you should read next, but i've been reading Diet For A New America on and off for a few months and i love it. its just frustrating that  i try to share what i read with my BF and he believes none of it.


I get the same crap from my family...grrr! I want o drag them into slaughter house so they can see it first hand!


"The China Study" by Dr. T. Colin Campbell.  Very highly recommend it!  He provides tons and tons of the facts and studies to back it up, too, which is great!         

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