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Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator

  Ever wonder what stupid white trash name you would have if Sarah Palin (mother of Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper and Trig) were your mother? Now you can find out here:

"Sniper Scrap Palin" sort of fits in with her Cruella Devil murderous side.


are these names better than/worse than/equal to the super hippy names like Rain Blossom and Moon Shadow?

Hey, at least the thought of rain blossoms is nice.


Condoleeza Rice: Rot Pipeline Palin

Ew! Same name as me! Creeeepy. :uhoh:

Krinkle Bearcat Palin

that's tight.

Are you my mother? :wow: (Mum's name got the same.) ;D


Moose Roadster Palin. 

I've always wondered what my name would've been if my mother was a trashy snow billy!  >:D


I would be "Spoon Archer Palin" Haha! I kinda like it :P Please, everyone start calling me Spoon Archer!

am i lame if i love the name archer?

Zealia Bekahlyn becomes "Trough Gutted Palin" had i never heard she had such freakish names for her kids till now....although i do also like willow (maybe because I have known two very nice people named Willow?) and Piper is getting to be surprisingly for the other names...I cannot justify them....


My name would be Hose Hotrod Palin.  Perfect, if I ever decided to go into porn I wouldn't need to change my name.


Oh wow. I would be Crunk Petrol Palin.
My sister would be Block Lionel Palin.
My mom would be Chap Poach Palin.
My dad would be Knife Pile Palin.
My cat would be Khaki Salmon Palin.
My friends would be Clop Clutch, McCain Fortress, Spackle Camshaft, Bang Walmart, Ripper Shook, and Plate Jungle.
Geez, these are about as bad as Michael Jackson's baby names.



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