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Tech heads there any way to do this?

OK, so I'm fighting insomnia again. One of my most relaxing movies on DVD is "Vanya on 42nd Street." Watching it is like visiting family. (OK, yeah, that's weird but it's not the point.)
I would be able to go to sleep if instead of watching it I could put the dialogue track on my MP3 player and listen to it in bed. (It's a Zen Stone cheapo.)
Is there any way to copy just the dialogue track onto my computer or what, and make an Mp3 file?
What software might I need? I only want it for my own use.
My Mp3 doesn't record or I'd try that some day at 3 AM.

What operating system do you run (Windows? Lynix? MacOS?)?  Do you have a DVD drive in your computer?  If so, you could use a freeware program called VLC, but I don't know if it's available for Macs.


Oh...goody! I have VLC installed (Windows 7).
Details, please?

I've never done it, let me know if it works.


It is not my wish to be fulsome, but...I think I adore you.
I'll try this tomorrow...if it works be prepared to take off your shoes so I can kiss your tootsies.
I did some surfing but I am so slow I couldn't figure out what it was called that I was looking for.


Aw shucks,  weren't nothin'.  Happy to help.

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