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They're Made Out of Meat

A friend sent me this (VERY) short story via email today, and I had to share it with you all.

Powerful, disturbing, ironic, and hillarious... I LOVED the delivery. ;)b Please discuss.

This is great! I lol'd...

Not sure what else to add-- your description is right on the mark! Thanks for posting!


This is a great, ironic dialogue, covering a serious topic.

Aliens being just as intolerant and  full of preconcieved opinions as we are...
They behave and think just like most of the humans towards animals. This is called spiecism (not sure how to write it) : thinking that other spiecies are unsignificant because they are different in the way they live, look like , communicate... and behave.
This leads to cruelty towards these other species (animals of all kind, on our planet...).

What would WE do if we were victims of specism? If we were conscience about it...

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