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'Time' article on factory farming...

... in the context of an interview with the author of 'Animal Factory.' Suitable for sharing!,8599,1983981,00.html

Thanks for sharing :)

The passage about not being able to sleep due to the screaming pigs?  Horrifying.  The fact that people can read this and not only be complicit in their torture, but to then also put petrified, often diseased (and always unclean) animals who've been pumped full of hormones and antibiotics into their bodies...I cannot fathom.


Very good article! I have one at work from the International Herald Tribune about how not eating meat is good for the environment, because an omnio Prius driving "environmentalist" gives out to me every time I have to print something for work about how I'm killing a tree knowing that I'm vegan. I mentioned that she was welcome to read an article in my office about how to help the environment  >:D

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