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The Top 10 Full-Time Benefits Of Part-Time Vegetarianism

Everyone and their uncle is talking about how going "part time veggie" is good for the planet, but it's rare that they actually identify why.

This article -- originally posted on (an online green-themed social network) offers some interesting meat-free food for thought.

What the fuck is a part time vegetarian???

Do you get part time vegans?

I guess one is a diet and the other a life style but, "oh I'm vegetarian on a sunday" seems like bullshit to me, would most of these part time veggies eat a product with geletain in on their "vegetarian" phases?


I haven't read the article yet, but AOAS, getting omnis to even try vegetarian food is a step in the right direction. When they discover that vegetarian food is delicious, healthy and cheaper than meat-laden dishes, they will be more willing to experiment and get healthy into the bargain.

We're all on a path and we all have to start somewhere. One step at a time. For some people, a slow start is what they need. Others can just, you know--wham, into it. If you made a complete change from one meal to the next, good for you. Others need more time. That doesn't make them bad.


The article describes what it defines as a part-time vegetarian:  the author's definition is abstaining from meat for one or two days a week.

The article doesn't delve into veganism.  I don't believe there can be a part-time vegan category, but there could be a part-time strict vegetarian.  Some people who post here eat strict vegetarian at home, but sometimes are non-strict vegetarian in social settings.  They don't call themselves vegan/strict vegetarian, but they'd fall into the part-time strict vegetarian category.

I know a number of vegetarians who didn't know geletin was from an animal until I explained it to them, so I'm guessing that for many vegetarians gelatin wouldn't be an issue - just through lack of knowledge.

I like that being vegetarian is something people aspire to so much that they want credit for being veg*n for a day.  I don't want them to describe themselves as vegetarian if on the other five days they eat meat, but if they want to say they're eating vegetarian on a certain day, I'm in support of their enthusiasm.


Better for them, better for the planet, opens their eyes to ar, environmental, and health issues. I'd say, whatever makes you feel good.

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