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Vegan Comedians?


So, down to business. I'm not here on official Webmistress Laura business. I'm writing because I'm collecting a list of awesome vegan comedians and I'm hoping you can help me add it it. So... let me know all the vegan comedians you can think of! Especially ladies, I want to know where all the funny vegan women are hiding at!

Thanks so much, you are all THE BEST!

I'm sure you'll already have all these! (can't confirm that they are actually funny and/or vegan) ; )

Carol Leifer
Jenn Shagrin!
AJ (don't know her last name:
Myq Kaplan
MC Mr. Napkins
Jamie Kilstein
Ellen and Portia
Weird Al
Dan Piraro
Jamie Kilstein


Kevin Nealon

Kristin Wiig and Sara Silvermen are vegetarian but I don't know about vegan.


You guys are the best THANK YOU!!

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