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Vegan Food Guide

Hi there,

The other day I came accross a vegan food guide, and I plan to stick more to it in order to have all my nutrients and be healthy...

But I was wondering something...because they seem to separate fruit and vegetables into two groupes.

In most food guides I saw before, fruit and vegetables were in the same section.

I was wondering if the vegan diet needs an equal amount of both fruit and vegetables; or if it can be more fruit and less vegetables or more vegetables and less fruit?

Anyone could help me out on this?

I know this isn't really helpful, but I don't think it's really necessary to count much of anything. Eat when you're hungry, eat whole foods that are in season, and eat a variety of things. You don't really need to count anything. And if you're on a "kick", go for it, and then eat more variety later. I've been eating tons of bananas lately, just sound good and they're cheap. Next I might move on to something else. If you're eating whole foods, then just eat what's good!


That advice always worked for me in my past, until I exchanged my retail job for a desk job.  I still don't count calories or anything, but I definately need more guidance.  I'm not sure how helpful this food guide would be for me personally.  I'm just trying to make better food choices and avoid calorically dense foods. 

I have a huge sweet tooth and love fruit.  I'm trying to eat more vegetables than fruit these days though, mostly to get nutrients without extra calories.  I really don't think the exact ratio matters though.  They probably just seperated fruits and vegetables into 2 groups to add an additional grouping.  Once they cut out dairy and meat, they probably felt there weren't enought chapters.  That said, in general vegetables are much higher in nutrients than fruits expecially when considered per calorie. 

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