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Vegan MoFo

If there's already a thread about this- I apologize! I searched and found nothing.

I wanted an excuse to get back in the Vegan blogging world and realized that October is Vegan Month of Food (or Vegan MoFo) and have joined the ranks of other MoFoers! Is anyone else following/blogging this month??

ps my MoFo blog is it's super boring right now but this weekend it should become more exciting!)

I'm not, but what types of things will people be doing in their blogs during MoFo?


Some people pick a theme, but the idea is to post about vegan food every day, monday thru friday. And there's a page where a few bloggers are doing "the round up" where they talk about what's been blogged about each day.

It's a vegan NaNoWriMo (or however that is..), a blog-a-thon if you will.


I'm pretty thrilled that the Los Angeles Times is participating with a daily vegan recipe for this month. Check out there Daily Dish food blog and please comment or write to them so we can see more vegan coverage in our newspapers, radio and TV.

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