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Video games & gamertag thread

Although we prefer to be outside exploring the mountains, when it gets cold and dark my fiance and I waste time gaming.. What games do you guys play?

We have 2 xbox 360's and a PS3- tons of games. Post your gamertag here!!

I like the horror survival type games (I think that's what they're called). I got Dead Space for PS3 about 3 months ago and am looking forward to Dead Space 2. I also like things like Hitman. All of that being said, I've not played in a long while and I don't do online gaming. I don't have cable or internet (other than the iPhone), so I just read or do music.

What about you?


We like all types of games, from retro NES classics to FPS and RPG. Lately I've been playing bad company 2 and demon's souls for ps3, and left 4 dead 1 & 2 on xbox. Looking forward to the new halo game in the fall, and I've been told to put my life on hold and get god of war 3. I also want to get little big planet for the ps3- that's a great title.

The internet access is semi- slow because we live in the mountains, but it's extremely cheap and without it I might shrivel up.

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