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What DVD are you watching lately?

I have BBC's Persuasion on, but I can't really get into. I've heard thought that BBC's Sense & Sensibility is good. Of course I"ve watched the Ang Lee Emma Thompson version which is superb... I may get it this week to see  :P

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark


Rum Diaries - worst movie I'll ever seen with Johnny Depp
Some people really liked it but everyone in my house who saw it was staring at the tv like... wtf...  :o :o  half way through we gave up, waste of a dollar :-D

And this isn't a dvd BUT:
Pretty interesting talk about vegan diet. This guy is honest and I really enjoyed it.


I've been watching The Grand forever now. It's 18 episodes, and I'm halfway through. I really just want to finish it, but eh. There's no connection with any of the characters really, and it's actually quite dark. THEN, they changed like 3 of the main characters' actors in the middle of the thing! Very strange.

P and I are currently almost done with season 4 of TNG, and watched Pontypool which was quite odd. It started off very slow, then seemed to have some potential, then completely fell short. The story just did not come together enough, but they really could have made it work. Other people seem to really love it, for some reason. 2/5


I'll have to look that up. The Pontypool I know about is a medium sized town in Wales, and yeah--excitement isn't its strong point, unless you really, really like Tesco's.

Been gorging on Disney's The Weekenders. All four seasons. Yes, I know--I'm sad.


The Grand complete collection Weird and dark, with strange switch in character actors. 3/5

The Fog Classic, and pretty entertaining. 3/5

The Shrine P loved this way more than I did. I thought the acting was too strange, but it does have a creative premise, with a twist. P gives it 4/5

Wake Wood This was also pretty good. We had to give it 4/5 since we gave The Shrine 4. They are both pretty solid and creative.

The Haunting of #24 This had potential, but was a bit boring in some parts and just kinda eh. It wasn't bad, but nothing special. 3/5

How does the Brain Work? Nova This did not teach me anything new, and I was disappointed. 3/5

The Way We Live Now Very good! 4 episodes. Quirky and very entertaining. Great character building. Liked it a lot. 4.5 (4)/5

Slaughter 2/5 Pretty dumb. Too slow in parts, without much to back it up. Awful ending.

Transiberian Very enjoyable! Twisty and enthralling. 4.5 (4)/5

The Disappeared Not bad. Kinda good, but too predictable. 3.5 (3)/5

Young@heart Loved! So sweet. 5/5

P and I are at the end of Season 5 of Star Trek TNG. :\ don't want it to end.


Nice choices, AC!! :)

About a week ago, I watched..

The Interrupters - A documentary about a group of people trying to curb the outbreak of violence in Chicago's south side. It's a great story full of insight into how we solve our own problems and our country's problems. It's full of great commentary on the human spirit and psychology. A very moving film!

Game Change - A biopic of the 2008 presidential campaign from McCain and Palin. While, I can't testify as to the factual basis of this movie, I can say that it was very entertaining. I love strategy of politics when it's not dumbed-down (as it is in the mainstream media). To me, this movie didn't dumb it down. Great movie.

Gloria: In Her Own Words - An excellent documentary about feminist Gloria Steinem. It captured a lot of her story and turned it into a story about how we are as a people and as a society. Feminism is a more-than-worthy cause. The documentary included clips from the 70's. To hear how people reacted to Steinem and her cause shocked me. Women even turned against her in the weirdest and sometimes the harshest ways. Great film!

Being Elmo - A great documentary about the creator and creation of the muppet Elmo.


Watching the Italian series, Montalbano. Cop show, very good actors, great performances.

Sorry, I can't get bold or italic to work.


Sorry, I can't get bold or italic to work.

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Bright Star. A Jane Campion film, which could have been beautiful to look at if not for her self-indulgent camera angles etc.
Basically the life and loves of John Keats and Fanny Brawne. A good performance by Allison Cornish, but I doubt Keats ran around half-shaved like a modern guy, soul patch and all. There were one or two crashing anachronisms in the script as well. 4/10.


The Affair of the Necklace With Hilary Swank about countess Jeanne de la Motte Valois and Marie Antoinette. I thought it was good in terms of acting, story, the whole thing. I guess a lot of people didn't like it, because it's not true to the real story...but I am ignorant on that matter. 4/5

Daniel Deronda 4 parts. I thought this would be one of the better British series, but it was really quite average. Acting and background were good, but none of the characters were very likable for most of the story. Overall solid, though. 4/5

Stuck Better than average horror. Quite horrific tale! Not overly gory. 4/5

The Bleeding House This was not at all bad, but it was pretty predictable. Acting was slightly weird, and nothing was special about it. 3/5

Boot Camp This had so many good reviews. I think they recruited a bunch of former tough love camp people to review... This was pretty bad. I can respect the fact that they are trying to tell the "true story," if that's so, but it was not done well. Excessive. I can't say the acting was bad, but it just didn't all come together. 2/5

Mum & Dad Surprising horror! I think this is new to Netflix, and probably a must watch for horror "fans." Very horrific and quite gory, but within the story's limits. Out there! 4/5

P and I are into season 7 (last season) of TNG, which is quite sad (to be finishing).

I'm currently watching Middlemarch (6 parts), which is so far one of the most boring and plodding series.

Why did I get so into these British drama series? I have no idea.


Middlemarch and Daniel Deronda as novels aren't very convincing or well-written either. George Eliot tends not to like her own characters very much, which is odd for a writer, but there it is. I trudged through Middlemarch the book 2 and a half times before giving up as I realised the author had no sympathy for any of the characters she herself had created. I think the lady had issues.


I really don't think I would enjoy any of these series as books (and never have in the past). I think I mainly like them for the portrayal of the time in history.. seeing the way of life, costumes, environment, and scenery. One can obviously imagine such things, but there's something comforting in viewing them. I think I've watched/queued most all of these things, but what are your favorite of these books?


Oh definitely--you have stumbled on the reason period piece films are so popular!! You don't watch them so much as look at them. The clothes, the hair, the houses and furnishings and lovely tea tables and all the rest of it. In Jane Austen films, you have the dancing and music and stuff too, and the social conventions. I think this is why Agatha Christie remakes are so popular--it's the cars, the clothes, the houses...and the cocktail houseparty cricket match thing.

Of course I'm a hardline Austenite, but for different reasons than most. I'm still waiting for a decent film of Mansfield Park, though. I'd like to see what Jane Campion would do with that book.
BTW, have you seen Lark Rise to Candleford or Cranford?


BTW, have you seen Lark Rise to Candleford or Cranford?

Nope, but those don't appear to be on Netflix.


Have a look on IMDB about them. They were HUGEly popular over here. I have to say, I enjoyed the books much better than most "classics." Particularly Lark Rise to Candleford.


Une Folle Envie (A Burning Desire).  No, it's not porn. It's a comedy about a couple's obsession with getting pregnant. Good performances, OK script, but...I just really can't get into the "must reproduce" comedies that are so popular here. It seemed to be about encouraging French people to want a baby, given the aging population etc.
What I did enjoy was watching Clovis Cornillac at work (the boyfriend; in this movie French people only get married *after* they've had a child together). He handed in some fantastic acting (the overheard Skype conversation was a case in point) and I have to applaud the makeup team who made him look much younger than he is, and convincingly so. If I hadn't seen his name on the credits I wouldn't have believed that it was the same man who played Viking in Brigade de Nuit 8 years ago.
Jose watched this with me, and though he usually doesn't share my enjoyment of discussing the finer points of filming, acting etc, he was the one who said, "Man! He has really grown as an actor!"


Al Pacino's Merchant of Venice. Masterly, of course. I love his work.
Bagdad Cafe. The movie, of course. I discover to my horror they made a series spinoff with Whoopie Goldberg, of all people. Sounds dire.


Cowboys and Aliens....meh.  :-\


I'm alternating between Hitchcock and classic Bond movies...I've recently watched Dr. No, Goldfinger, From Russia with Love, Thunderball, Marnie, and North by Northwest.

I never realized how freakin' HOT Sean Connery was. OMG. I've only ever thought of him as an old man with a beard, but when he was in Bond movies and Marnie....whoa. Total hottie!


I fell in love with Connery the first time they showed To Russia With Love on US TV when I was about 6. Totally wow. But I thought he was Dutch because of his glottal accent. He sounded like the old Dutch grandpas in my hometown.

I got a copy of "Titus" (Titus Andronicus) with Anthony Hopkins Saturday. I haven't watched it yet...I know it's going to be unpleasant. Trying to talk my husband into being my "film buddy."
Coriolanus is supposed to come out next month. I'm there!



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