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Wolf slaughter

Hey guys-- this has been bothering me for a while, and I just wanted to make the info available to animal lovers who aren't already following it... not sure the best place to post it, but since it's news related, thought it might fit here...

Is everyone aware of what's going on with wolf issues, this fall? I get updates from several conservation groups, and there's some stomach-turning stuff happening to wolves in  Idaho right now... please sign petitions/ donate if you can/ educate others about this-- it's yet another (& particularly grotesque) example of humans-- especially ranching & big-game hunting interests-- wreaking havoc on other creatures... in this case, on particularly intelligent and socially complex creatures that (like so many mammals) demonstrate grief and mourning following a death... Why we think we have the right to do this, I DO NOT understand!

Here are a few jumping-off points for reading, though I'm sure there's lots more info out there...

(This one's tone is obnoxious, but it has good info... look where the emphasis is: every living thing is here for humans, and it is our right to 'manage' it for what best suits our pleasure.)    >:(

This issue makes me ashamed of my species. I feel kinda ill whenever I read about this-- sorry to pass that feeling on!-- but it's important to know about it, so we can change it...


Oh yeah-- left out this important one, with addresses of people to write (& tell your friends to write), about reinstating Endangered Species protections for wolves:

"Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. It is the only thing that ever has.” -- Margaret Mead

Thanks, guys!


So, there weren't many responses here, but I'm assuming that's b/c everyone was so busy writing protest letters...  ::)

Anyway, I just read this and wanted to share: yay!! This makes me happy!

Protections have been restored for the gray wolves of the northern Rockies!

Just yesterday we learned that the Earthjustice team in Bozeman, Montana won a stunning victory for the wolves on behalf of a broad coalition of environmental groups.

On the basis of our team's expert work in court, a federal judge ruled that the wolves had been illegally stripped of their protections. Yesterday, he ordered that the northern Rockies wolves be placed back on the Endangered Species List. Because of this victory, wolf hunting in Idaho and Montana is off.

You and your fellow Earthjustice supporters and activists made this victory possible. Thanks to your support and participation in our efforts, Earthjustice has been relentless in our pursuit of justice for these wolves on the brink of recovery.

The court has sided with the law and science in this latest chapter of a conflict as old as our western settlements. But, sadly, anti-wolf sentiment runs deep in the region. And while we celebrate today, our team is preparing for the inevitable counter-attack by anti-wolf interests.

We want to see the wolves come off of the Endangered Species List—but only after they have recovered to the point where their survival is no longer in question and laws are in place to keep the population healthy. And we will not rest until they have.

Time and again, the states of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming have sought to strip legal protections for wolves. And time and again we have defeated those efforts—thanks to your ongoing support.

Together, we are making a difference. Thanks for all that you do.


Trip Van Noppen Trip Van Noppen

Trip Van Noppen
President, Earthjustice


I had no idea this was happening.. :/ Thanks for the update(s)!

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