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YouTube debate and Kucinich

Do you want to vote in an online poll?
I got this email from the Kucinich campaign.

"Dear Supporter,

Last night, CNN, in association with YouTube, held a Democratic Debate in which Dennis excelled, despite not having the opportunity to speak at length as did the other Democratic Presidential hopefuls. We have reached a point where we can either continue to allow Time Warner to control the debate or we can stand up, united, and confront those who wish to silence Dennis and his vision.

The Dennis Kucinich Campaign for President is asking you to show your support for Dennis by voting online at the CNN Election Center 2008 "

Here's the link if you'd like to.

i voted for Gravel on most of that naturally, but they both got the shaft as far as "equal time between candidates"

status quo as always it seems, and people are too brainwashed to think outside whats presented to themon the idiot box

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