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The Web site address is apt: "Yahoo! Texas Executions." It brings to mind Texas rowdies massed outside a prison, waving beers and cheering on the latest inmate to exit death row. Since 1976, when the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty, the body co priznestmarlio1972 0 10 priznestmarlio19723 days 18 hours ago
It's the biggest letdown in a film that seems to have got everything brilliantly right till about the halfway mark, only to squander the advantage in one long runaround (literally) that leaves you both exhausted and angry. Saying more might ruin the movie flirhaservde1983 0 11 flirhaservde19833 days 19 hours ago
Keeps Celebs Out of Your Closet stumasates1978 0 11 stumasates19783 days 20 hours ago
"I didn't want to come over there and not be able to contribute, so fitness wise I'm as good as I've ever been," said Robson. "I want to come over here and try and make a difference for Vancouver and show everybody that I'm a good player, I can help my te gillliraquan1971 0 11 gillliraquan19713 days 22 hours ago
The Super Bowl always ranks high in online chatter, but this year features Seattle versus Denver, and takes place in New Jersey, where constituents just re elected Gov. Discipline problems are less likely to occur when baby separates from mother gradually grafarenwin1989 0 9 grafarenwin19893 days 23 hours ago
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