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Accidental Oreo Ice Cream

What you need: 

1 box Oreo Jell-O Pudding Mix (not instant)
2 cups soy milk, *cold* (vanilla or regular will work)

What you do: 

This recipe is for you only if you do the refined-sugar thing. The Oreo pudding mix is vegan up until refined sugar. It's made by Jell-O but doesn't contain gelatin.
I am a notorious failure at making pudding. At an attempt to rescue my most recent project, I accidentally made Oreo ice cream. Hope you enjoy :)
Here's what you do: Pretend like you're going to make this into pudding. Follow the directions on the box, using your 2 cups soymilk. It may not thicken at all, like mine. Good.
Now divide up the failed pudding (or successful, if you're lucky) into four little dishes. Put them in the freezer, and stir them up every five minutes.
It takes a while, but it will get to ice cream consistency, I swear. And it tastes delicious :)
I guess you could use an ice cream maker for this, but I don't have one. Works fine this way.

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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I got a little lazy in stirring towards the end and it turned out pretty hard.  The taste was pretty good though and it was nice during the warm spell that hit so I was pleased.


this is how i make icecream...with the pudding mix. very easy and it tastes really good! i make mine in my icecream maker and it makes a good softserve style. does putting it in the bowls in the freezer make it super hard or is it scoopable? i haven't tried freezing the pudding style but other kinds i've made freeze solid... :o

If you stir it while it's freezing now and then, it's totally scoopable. Otherwise you're right... you'd have a popsicle pretty much. I put it in little bowls because it freezes faster (I have no ice cream maker, and am quite lazy)  ;D



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