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Banana Coconut Concoction

What you need: 

2 - 3 just ripened bananas
3 handfuls of coconut
apple juice
diced walnut pieces
1 teaspoon sugar

What you do: 

Pretty simple recipe, kinda invented it on a whim so I'm guestimating on how much to use of each, its pretty versatile.
Use about half a cup of apple juice, could be more I was eyeballing. Pour into a frying pan.
Slice bananas in pieces about 1-2 inches thick cross cut.
Lay banana pieces in apple juice and then turn on stove, don't heat the pan first. Fry for a few moments until one side starts to turn slightly mushy. add 2 tsp. of vegan sugar while frying. Add coconut until its absorbed most of the apple juice, making sort of a batter like substance. Flip bananas. At the last moment or so add walnut pieces. Fry a few more minutes until slightly mushier on the other side.
This is good as a breakfast or as a dessert.

Preparation Time: 
10 min
Cooking Time: 


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