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BeNo--You Know You Need It!!

What you need: 

1 cup water
1/8 teaspoon crushed mint
1/8 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice

What you do: 

Mix the above ingredients together. Gulp it down just before your meal--or during.
As vegans, I'm sure we're all aware of the wonderful effects our diet has on our body. side effect for vegans is EXCESSIVE flatulence. Blech! If anyone's ever told you the fib that "eventually your body will get used to your diet, and [i]it[/i] will go away"--you've been duped!!
Maybe my body is just prone to foulness, but either way, this above remedy works wonders. Try it and see!
You can substitute crushed mint with sage or thyme.

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 


Hi everyone! Mint, along with many other herbs high in essential oils, are what we call carminatives in medicinal herbalism.  A carminative helps with flatus, or gas :) Carminatives are also anti-spasmodic which helps to relax cramping associated with gas.  Examples of other carminatives include: fennel, anise, dill and caraway.  There are lots of them in the herb world.  So enjoy these fart friendly flora and reduce your "greenhouse" emissions. ;)  Though, I agree, I think farting can be fun. ;) 


Since I love the Three-Bean and Seitan Vegan Chili I found on this site so much, I have a need for BeNo, but I got tired of trying to get this concoction down and have started sprucing mine up by making it as a tea. Just put your baking soda, lemon juice and a mint tea bag (or mint tea in a tea ball) in a cup and steep the tea with boiling water. Voila! BeNo tea!


I tried this the other day (I've been meaning to for a while) and wow!!! It really worked, even without the mint/thyme.


OK, I am trying this before the next meal.... my three year old would thank you, since he is just at the most awkward height, but since he can't type, I will do it for him...  "Thank You"--  actually my husband jokes with me that the poor kid might have brain damage from frequent noxious gases! (not that brain damage is funny or to be taken lightly) 

So in all seriousness....  I have tried beano before,  but it doesn't seem to work well for cabbage and broccoli farts.  does anyone have any reviews of these staples of my diet?


I used to use actual BeNo but it's pretty expensive and this drink works much better. Thank you so much!!


have not tried it yet but I definitely will. :[ my mom and boyfriend runs away from me and my brother yells at me. My dad must be glad since he's always in his room.

I am always late for class in the moring, can i make a huge batch of the powder ingredients like wizz 1 tbsp of mint/thyme in in a grinder to make it more powdery and mix it with another tbsp of baking soda and then mix 1/4 tsp of that powder mixture with the liquid mixture whenever i need? 


;)  Wow.... this stuff really does work.  I've been making it with thyme, and I must say its pretty gross.  I just got some mint today to try it that way, I bet it will taste much better.  I have only been drinking this once or twice a day, with no "emissions" despite eating beans nearly every day.  Thanks for posting this!!


I cant wait to try this...i fear for the age when my daughter gets old enough to retaliate when i blame a loud one on for now shes too young to talk!  muhahaha!!! :>


I left out the mint but boyfriend and I thank you ;)b Apparently I've been stinking up the bed while I'm asleep, ugh! The worst!  TMI, I know I know.  :P  This little concoction truly does the trick though. 


Thank you so much for this recipe!  I drank it before a meal that contained lots of whole wheat pasta (which ALWAYS seems to stink up the next day for me) and it worked!!  Not a total elimination of course, but definitely a significant reduction (the 90% mentioned earlier was right on).  I used 2 fresh pineapple mint leaves from my garden and loaded the cup with ice- I thought it tasted great!

I'd like to start drinking this fairly often...does anyone know if there are any bad side affects from consuming so much baking soda?



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