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Cheesy Spinach Garlic Pitas

What you need: 

1-2 vegan pitas, cut in half
1 cup vegan cheese
1/4 - 1/2 cup vegan mayonaise (depending on how how many of these you are making)
1-2 cloves garlic (powdered is okay, but I just prefer crushed garlics taste)
cayanne pepper to taste
crushed black pepper to taste
salt to taste
olive oil
tobasco sauce

What you do: 

Combine vegan mayonaise with crushed garlic, salt and cayanne pepper. Turn on stove and brush pan with olive oil. Make sure not to use too much or it will overpower the other flavors.
Slice your vegan cheese into thin slices (I'm a fan of the Vegan Gourmet cheese Alternative Mozzerella or the Vegi-Kaas Mozzarella for this recipe but use your favorite kind.) Spread garlic and cayanne mayonaise on the inside of the pitas (I tend to use quite a bit of this, but its really up to you). Crush black pepper into the mayonaise. Add spinach and thinly sliced vegan cheese and place in your pan. Turn frequently and remove from heat when vegan cheese is melted and bread is turning golden brown.
If you like, add the avocado and/or the tobasco sauce when it comes out of the pan. This (and variations of it) was a staple of mine for awhile, so I know I like it :-)

Preparation Time: 
20 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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i just made this today.  :o  i've never had pita bread before... i didn't have cayenne pepper but i had sweet tangy bbq seasoning and i had almond mayo (check vegweb for almond recipe) and i added mushroom. OMG! i loved this! my non-veg family loved it! thank you for this recipe!!!!  :D


I made this for my friend and I. I forgot to add the avocado and the hot sauce for hers, but it came out really good. Hers was awesome.

Mine sucked though, because I remembered the tabasco sauce and it flooded all over my pita and slaughtered my tastebuds completely.

I don't even know if I made it right, since I was making it for two people, and wasn't aware of how much of the peppers/salt to add,  so went with my gut instead. Nevertheless it came out good, but I would suggest no tabasco, because that totally fucked me over.

I'm going to try this recipe again with mushrooms.

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