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Dragonflys Prune Whip (Apricot variation)

What you need: 

2 boxes of Mori-Nu soft silken organic
1 cup of pitted organic prunes (or 1 cup of dried apricots)
1/2 cup of succinat
water for stewing the prunes (or cots)

What you do: 

Simmer the prunes in water until soft. Time will vary, depending on the freshness of the prunes. Dont use too much water, just enough to nearly cover and you may need to add more, as you go. Just don't want to end up with lots of water here.
In a blender, blend the tofu, stewed prunes and succinat, using enough stewing water to allow it to mix easily. Puree till smooth and fluffy.
Spoon into elegant dessert dishes. You can top it with vanilla soy yoghurt, tofu sour cream or tofu whipped topping, adding a mint sprig. You can also just serve it simply.
Refrigerate this till chilled. The prunes provide a gelatin type of texture and this is very creamy and sweet. Even those who are not fond of prunes, like this. You can substitute 1 cup of dried apricots for the prunes.

Preparation Time: 
under an hour
Cooking Time: 
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