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Easy Avocado and Garlic

What you need: 

1 avocado
1 large garlic clove (for med. avocado,use more or less depending on size of avo and your love for garlic)

What you do: 

Halve the avocado length ways. Then slice in 1/4 inch thick cross-sections and spread out on a plate.
Run the garlic through a press, and as you do so spread the pressed garlic onto the avocado slices. (You really can't overdo this part if you like garlic like I do!)
Once each slice has some garlic per bite, salt the slices. I like to do this carefully so as not to overdo things, but the salt really adds a nice touch.
That's it! I dare not to like it!

Preparation Time: 
5-10 minutes
Cooking Time: 


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