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Easy Pancakes

What you need: 

2 1/2 cups all purpose flour
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons baking powder
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 teaspoon salt
2 1/2 cups nondairy milk or water
dash cinnamon, optional

What you do: 

1. Lightly mix all ingredients in a fairly large bowl; leave 5-10 minutes to rise. It's important only to mix the batter enough to moisten, as overmixing will make the pancakes tough.
2. Gently fold down; leave again for 5-10 minutes if you have the time, and gently fold down again. (I don't usually bother, since everyone's starving!)
3. Cook over medium to medium-high on an oiled skillet until golden, carefully breaking apart any large lumps with the spatula. Serve immediately.

Preparation Time: 
20-30 mins
Cooking Time: 
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These cook up great!  Nice and fluffy.  I added chocolate chips and loved them!  Kinda like big yummy cookies for breakfast.....


I used this recipe again and used ww flour, a container of blueberries and a cut up banana  :)>>> I love it, Thanks!


im not vegan just yet..
im starting in a few days. :)

and i've had alot of friends over this week sleeping over and i've made these three times in the past 5 days
thanks heaps i really love this recipe  ;D



I love this recipe, I halved it and added blackberries, half a banana and 1/2 tsp. of banana extract... I loved it!


These are just like non-vegan pancakes, except much better. I used fresh oat flour, molasses, cinnamon, soy milk and no salt. I was afraid they would take ages to cook and not cook properly due to the oat flour, but was very wrong. I think, however, i overstirred quite a bit.. silly me. Next time I will stick strictly to the recipe, using different flours etc. Very good! thanks!


These were indeed easy to make and pretty tasty.  I made a half batch with whole wheat and white flour, added cinnamon and some vanilla extract.  Half a batch was a nice amount for 2 people - we made 2 extra large pancakes. Thanks for the recipe, I'll be making it again.


Good stuff and easy easy to make - no mixin NRG beforehand, which I'm just lazy enough to hate... I halved the baking powder and subbed about 1/4 of the reg flour with hazelnut flour and added 'nanas and pecans.  it was super yummy and substantial - a nice complement to my coffee, which is really all I want in my b-fast items!


Wow. i'm impressed. these are quite yummy!  i did the half recipe (seeing as how some people commented on how MANY pancakes could be made with just the regular measurements)

**ALSO: to add flavor, you can 'half' the amount of the regular amount of sugar used, and implement French Vanilla Silk Creamer.  OR you can use the creamer to substitute the soymilk/water requirement.

The baking powder really makes the pancakes. MUY DELICIOSO! :)


OMG!!  These pancakes were WONDERFUL!!  I used all whole wheat flour , only 4 TSP of baking powder(because of the various reviews).  I also let the batter rest for @ 10-15 minutes.  I had to add more soy milk than called for ( 2 TBSP) and that thinned it out so the resulting pancake was perfect.  The oil is definitely needed to get a crispy top.  Thanks for the GREAT recipe!!  It has been about 6 years without pancakes!!  YUM YUM YUM!!!


really fluffy and yummy, but but i discovered it is possible to not stir enough.  i had a few unpleaseant bites that had a concentration of baking powder/saltiness.  otherwise they are easy and deliciously light.. you just gotta find the middle ground on the stirring.

I try to sift or at least blend the dry ingredients before adding the wet ones and that seems to help eliminate yucky pockets.



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