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Gomassio (Sesame Salt)

What you need: 

20 tablepoons unhulled sesame seeds
1 tablespoon sea salt


What you do: 

1. In a large skillet. over low heat, dry roast 20 tablespoons of sesame seeds with one tablespoon of sea salt.

2. Shuffle seeds around to avoid burning and roast until they start to pop.
3. Grind minimally with a mortar & pestle or electric coffee grinder.
4. Store in a glass jar or a parmesan shaker.
Chef's note: Delicious on grains, beans, salds, soups, and steamed vegetables. It allows you to consume less salt while getting a great salty flavor and gives you added benefits of calcium, iron, and other minerals. 
Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 


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