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Jasmines Sweet Come Back Rice

What you need: 

vegan sweet and sour sauce ( from this site)
1 can baby corns
1 can water chest nuts
1 can bamboo shots
1 red pepper
some cilantro
baby carrots
scallions (only the green part used)
small handful of crushed pecans
jasmine rice cooked

What you do: 

Cook up the vegan sweet and sour sauce in a saucepan. When it turns thick, add some baby corns.
Cut half a red pepper in to tiny cubes and toss with some cilantro in a blender.
Pour the above onto the sauce with the corns. Add chestnuts and bamboo (quantity -as you see fit ) Add some broccoli oh lee (again, how ever much you think). Cut the other half of the red pepper and toss it in.
Cover with top and let it come together for some time. Add rice ( already cooked ). Put in bowl and garnish with greens of scallion and crushed pecans

Preparation Time: 
give about 1 hour
Cooking Time: 
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