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Kale Chips--a.k.a Seriously Addictive Snack!

What you need: 

1-2 big bunches kale, leaves chopped to chip sized pieces
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon oil
coarse salt, to taste
1-2 tablespoons favorite seasoning blend (we love hot and spicy Spike)

What you do: 

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Spread kale onto baking sheet. Pour the apple cider vinegar, oil and seasoning onto kale. Mix to coat all pieces.
3. Bake for 10 minutes or until crispy. Serve immediately!

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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delicious! omni husband loves them too. yeah, they look way gross-- don't let it fool you though. they're awesome.

easy on the salt though... i overdid it in a bad way (seriously! you will regret it). also used white pepper and paprika.  :)


My favorite seasoning for this was my rosemary olive seasoning mix I picked up in South Africa. It is the greatest stuff I put on everything! You can get it through a distributor here:

You can also make them barbeque chips by sprinkling on some sweet smoked peperika and sea salt.

Great idea, thanks! My pregnant wife will be waking me up at 3am tonight to ask me for more.  :P


These didn't turn out for me at all.  I may have overcooked them, or maybe they don't go well with cajun seasoning.  I'll give them one more shot though...


These are awesome. I've made them three times in the last week with the kale I pick fresh right outside my back door. The first time I used dino kale and the next time the curly version, and the curly wins hands down. I can't wait for my grown kids to visit, 'causes I know they'll love them as much and their father and I do.


Good call. I've tried these 2-3 times and have never been totally pleased. I've mainly had issues with the crispiness..but also bitterness. Some day when I try them again..I'll make sure and use the kale immediately and be careful of my liquid amount.  ???


i haven't tried these yet, but i am a big fan of kale and noticed that a few reviewers really hated their results. i just wanted to suggest that the freshness of your kale can really make or break a recipe! the older your kale, the more bitter it will be (like, seriously the point where one week's difference can mean the abhorrence of your culinary skills by your significant other! not that i've had this experience, of course..*ahem*)  anyway, hope this helps. :) happy green-eating!


YUM!  These are great!  I had to buy precut kale, and estimated on how much kale with the olive oil and vinegar.  Be careful not to add too much liquid or it will be a little soggy. A little goes a long way.  And I, too, like them cooked a little longer.  They are crispier.


I was looking for something good to do with the bunk-load of beet greens that I had, and I decided to try this recipe.. It was great!  The first batch stuck to the baking sheet, but I think I just took them out too soon or something.  After that I started flipping them midway through and they turned out really yummy.  I experimented with different spice combos, and I like this jerk seasoning that I have better than curry and better than plain.  I didn't think I'd like the vinegar, but it is really quite a good compliment to the spice of the seasoning and the bitterness of the green.  Great idea for using greens in a different way--thanks for an awesome recipe!


this is an incredible the point where i offered my daughter (21 months old) a vegan banana waffle with maple syrup, blueberries and fake bacon for breakfast...she poopooed it all for a bowl of baked kale!!!! a brilliant source of iron for my girl!!


I always seem to buy kale and the only way I ever get into my body is to throw it in a really sweet smoothie.  Well, i tried this not expecting to like it.....boy was I wrong I LOVED IT.  Was fantastic salty, vinegary, yummy.  Great way to get some more greens in the diet.



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